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Just Move

“Studies have revealed relationships between PA [physical activity] and relevant cognitive outcomes such as measures of executive function, as well as studies suggesting that PA might increase time ‘on task’ in class and reduce classroom ‘problem behavior.”- 2013 British Medical Journal


At Horizons we value the importance of Health and Exercise. Alongside our whole foods menu served daily, we include different programs throughout the year to keep children engaged and excited about moving. Programs such as Kids Soccer and Kids Crossfit can help not only in providing kids with an outlet to be physically active but also through instilling healthy habits and knowledge to them at an early age. We believe that team-related activities encourage children to become more confident humans, more willing to take risks and believe in their potential. They gain valuable knowledge into health and fitness that they can apply for the rest of their lives. All of which sets them up for a great future, wherever that future may lead them.


Pick up after 6:00 PM

A charge of $1/min will be charged

Late Fees

A $25 late fee is applied to your account when your payment is received after the 4th of each month.




Food Program

As part of the Food Program, we strive to provide Whole food meals. This includes but is not limited to beef, chicken, legumes, Brown Rices, Quinio and an array of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables.



We are happy to accommodate any food allergies that your child might have. All you have to do is fill out the form given to you at Registration.

Safe & Secure Facilities

Horizons will make you feel like home. Our classrooms have large windows to let in plenty of sunlight. Our gate system creates a secure campus that allows your children to play and learn in a protected environment while limiting access to parents and authorized guests only.

Safety Training:

From medical emergencies to security and personal safety issues, we take preparedness seriously. We are constantly working to create the safest environment possible for your child and our staff and teachers are regularly trained to handle all kinds of emergencies. We care for your child as you would.

You'll find detailed information ranging from dress code to school policies in our school handbook.
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