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At Horizons we strive to provide a cheerful and safe hand-on learning environment for children. Here they learn and gain the skills and confidence they need in preparation for elementary school. We believe that children learn best at their own pace and by positive reinforcement, therefore we plan fun, educational and safe activities based on developmental appropriateness. Our primary goal is to provide your children with nurturing, support, and the readiness to enter Kindergarten.



A typical day at Horizons includes free play structured alongside- small group, large group, and one-on-one activities.  This gives them time to develop social skills while having fun playing indoors and outdoors with other children. Circle time sets the intention for the day and is followed by center time which allows children to work together in small groups and develop problem-solving skills. A large group activity typically involves arts and craft giving children the chance to unleash all their creative juices. At Horizons children have fun all while creating a foundation for the future.



Mrs. Shahama has been the director at Horizons Childcare and Learning Center for 11 years and counting. Her passion for teaching began far before she took on an administrative role. She has worked in the classroom setting for over 20 years. Her experience there has molded her philosophy on how to nurture every child and family. She has created strong partnerships within the Early Childhood Community in Orange County; to ensure that the facility is always up to date with the knowledge and the research that is ever changing in the early childhood field.

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