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Four-year-olds are starting to use language to express their thoughts. Your pre-kindergartener is excited to explore and learn more about the world around him.
At Horizons we introduce and reinforce new information through well thought through centers and activities that work to promote social, emotional, physical, cognitive, creative and character development in every child. Activities include multi-sensory learning experiences that inspire discovery through playful exploration, teacher-guided investigations, questioning, and direct instruction.


In our Pre-Kindergarten program works alongside the VPK state-funded program to support the growth of our 4 C’s; Creativity, Curiosity, Compassion, and Confidence. We follow the DLM Curriculum that focuses on your child's development in emergent reading, writing, science, technology, engineering and math skills.  

We work to set your child up for success instead of frustration. At Horizons we closely observe children see if they are mental, physically and emotionally ready to learn a skill. Once they are ready, we build upon that skill to more easily learn the next one. Teachers Utilize the Class Dojo App to keep parents up to date on their child’s day.

Our Curriculum focuses on

Logic & Reasoning




Creative Arts


Early Math

Physical Development

Nature & Science

Day Care Center

Schedule a tour with us today. We look forward in meeting you and your child!

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