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Infants use each of their five senses to explore their world. At Horizons, we make it stress-free for your baby to develop and grow, building one skill after the other. Studies have shown that children learn by doing, and they need many opportunities to explore and grow. To ensure we provide the best atmosphere for your child we follow the FunShine Online Buttercups® curricula.

Right away, your infant will start to develop a solid foundation for prime development.

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Infant Program

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By meeting our infant’s needs consistently, promptly and lovingly, we help our infants learn to trust themselves and their world. Daily Reports are completed and sent to parents via our Brightwheel app. There you'll find written documentation concerning your infant’s meals, diapering, naps and of course play activities. The Portal also gives you the opportunity to send messages and communicate with the teachers.

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Our Curriculum focuses on

Cognitive Development

Physical Development



Language Development

Your child's next stop


Arts & Crafts

Schedule a tour with us today. We look forward in meeting you and your child!

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