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Teacher and Pupil

Early Preschool


Three year old's may want to be independent. It’s their approach of experimenting and learning to understand the world.
Our teachers provide a safe, nurturing environment hand in hand with our Funshine Express® Early Learning curricula where your child can explore his talents while building self-confidence. Your child is not even aware of all the learning that’s occurring while they are engaged and having fun.

We keenly work with parents to help your child learn key life skills like hand washing and potty training in our Early Preschool program.

Using the Funshine Express Curricula, we have established a series of daily activities where your child has the opportunity to learn and grow in a fun and exciting environment. These activities include:

  • Circle Time

  • Puzzles

  • Dramatic Play

  • Sign Language Learning

  • Physical Development Through Sports

  • Art and Crafts

  • Pre Reading and Writing Skills

  • Identifying Letters, Numbers, Shapes, etc.

  • Math fundamentals

  • Social Skills 

  • and so much more!

Girl on Slide

Daily Reports are completed and sent to parents through our Brigtwheel app to keep track of all things going on through our your child's day. As your child shows signs of readiness, toilet training will also be introduced on an individual basis.

Our Curriculum focuses on

Logic & Reasoning




Creative Arts


Early Math

Physical Development

Nature & Science

Your child's next stop

Early Preschool

Day Care Center

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