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Our Safety Practices

Protective Masks

Face coverings are encouraged for any adult and staff entering the building. 


Wellness Check

Wellness checks are performed frequently. If the child becomes ill, we will notify the parents immediately.

Healthy Practices

Our cleanliness has been increased to help keep the children and our staff safe. Hand washing, sanitizing, disinfecting the classrooms are done more frequently.

Access & Security

We take security seriously, our entire school is regularly monitored through our security system. No one can just come into our schools are main doors are locked at all times.   

Limited Access

To help do our part and slow the spread of germs, we are limiting pick up and drop offs to one parent only.

Safe Dining 

We Strive to provide whole food meals to your child. We are happy to accommodate any food allergies that your child might have.

Playing Safe

Toys are checked daily for broken or loose parts. We disinfect all toys regularly making sure the toys your child plays with are safe and play-ready.

Diverse Kindergarten
Preschool Learning Pod

Clean & Healthy

Our staff and children wash their hands throughout the day. Classrooms are cleaned and disinfected on a regular schedule to prevent the spread of germs.

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